Meeting Louise Pentland

I love sharing my experiences with you all and today’s post is no exception. As you can tell from the title, I thought I’d share my experience of meeting the lovely Louise Pentland. I know that this will be a post that I’ll look back on in the future.

My love for watching YouTube and reading is something that I haven’t really discussed on my blog, but in my spare time, I enjoy watching a good vlog or reading a good book.

One of my all-time favourite YouTubers and Authors is Louise Pentland, some of you might know her from the YouTube channel and blog Sprinkle of Glitter or from her other YouTube channel Sprinkle of Chatter. I’ve been subscribed to Louise’s YouTube channel pretty much since she started all those years ago and I don’t think there’s a video of hers that I don’t watch. She’s got such a bubbly personality, she’s just a lovely person and I’m not going to lie, I’d love her to be my friend.

Louise is a lifestyle and parenting YouTuber as well as a women’s fiction Author. She released her first fiction book in 2017 called ‘Wilde Like me’ which I suggest you read because it’s brilliant.

Along with the tour she did some book signings across the country, I was gutted because I was unable to go.

When Louise announced the release of her second book ‘Wilde About the Girl’ I was ecstatic, honestly, I’ve never been so excited about the release of a book before!

In July, Louise announced that she was going on a book tour and would be doing some book signings across the country, I checked the dates and locations and there was two near me…this never happens!

I was away at the time of the announcement so couldn’t really do anything about it, I did know that I wanted to go though.

After considering it for a while, I decided to look into getting tickets. My Mum had very Kindly offered to go with me.

The closest event for me was the event at Waterstones Leeds, I looked into purchasing tickets, but there wasn’t any information on disabled access tickets or whether they offered a free companion/carer scheme. I didn’t know if Waterstones would offer such a thing, so I decided to email them. I didn’t mind if there wasn’t as I was more than happy to purchase a ticket for my Mum, however I thought that there was no harm in asking.

The Events Team quickly responded to me, saying that if I purchased a ticket then they were more than happy for my Mum to attend the event with me free of charge, I just needed to show the email as proof at the event. I thought that this was very nice of them and I was glad that they considered disabled people and the fact that some of us are unable to attend events on our own. However, it would be useful if they could have this information on their website.

Prior to the release of Louise’s second book, she sent out a newsletter every Wednesday which included exciting news about the book, competitions etc. In one of the final newsletters before the release, there was a competition to win two tickets to a book signing of your choice, it was on Twitter, so I entered, and my Mum very Kindly entered as well.

Guess what?

We won the competition! My Mum received a tweet saying that we had won the competition. I was in shock, well I think we both were, we never win anything, but my Mum had just won a competition to meet Louise Pentland, my favourite YouTuber and Author.

The publishers messaged my Mum to ask which event we wanted to go to and my Mum replied saying the Leeds event. They told us that we had to tell someone at the event that we were the competition winners and that we were on the guest list…how exciting!

I booked our train tickets to Leeds and it was just a matter of days until the event, I was honestly so so excited.

I think my excitement really kicked in on the release day of the book as I had been counting down for that and I was meeting Louise the day after.


The event

Friday soon arrived and to say that I was excited was an understatement. As it was an evening event, the day went super slow but eventually it was time to get ready and make our way to Leeds.

We arrived at the station in plenty of time and got something to eat before catching the train. It wasn’t a very long journey, so we soon arrived in Leeds.

Once we were out of the station, we made our way to Waterstones, it was easy to get to and it wasn’t a very long walk at all.

We arrived at Waterstones at around 6:40pm and was met by a friendly lady on the door, she asked us if we were there for the event and told us to make our way up to the second floor.

We made our way up to the second floor where we were then met by another lady, we explained that we were on the guest list, she found our names and handed us our copies of Wilde About the Girl. She then told us to go and find a seat, so we did.

Now it was a matter of minutes until Louise’s Q&A and book signing. I had never been to a book signing or an event like this before, so I had no idea what to expect.


To set the scene a little bit, there were rows of chairs which we obviously sat on. At the front, there was a table with a copy of Wilde About the Girl, two chairs and two microphones. AT some of the other signings Louise has had a special guest but I knew that there wasn’t going to be one at this signing, so I had no idea who would be sat in the second chair. Turns out it was her editor, Ellie, who was lovely.

A member of staff from Waterstones thanked us for coming, did some general housekeeping rules and introduced Louise.

Louise came and sat down in her chair, she then introduced her Editor, Ellie and thanked us for coming.

The first part of the event was a Q&A where Ellie asked Louise some questions and we got the opportunity to ask some as well. I personally didn’t ask anything myself, but it was lovely to listen to what everyone was asking and what was being said.

Some of my highlights were when she spoke about why she went into depth about certain aspects of the book, discussed specific characters and why she portrayed them in a certain way and how she has tried to improve the second book, compared to the first.

One thing that I did pick up on was how inclusive the Q&A was, there were no visual aspects, so I felt fully involved like everyone else.

During the Q&A, you could tell how genuine, honest and down-to-earth Louise is, she’s also hilarious and had everyone laughing on more than one occasion! I loved how she spoke about her family and friends like we all knew who they were, which obviously those of us that watch her YouTube videos knew exactly who she was talking about. It felt like she was having a conversation with a group of friends, rather than a group of strangers.

It’s clear to see that Louise has the same personality both on and off camera and that being a YouTuber doesn’t change her in any way. You can really tell that she’s passionate about what she does and is very grateful.

The Q&A lasted around 45 minutes to an hour and then it was time for the signing. Louise said that people who had a disability or those who had to rush off to catch a train home could go to the front of the queue which I thought was really nice of her. Me and my Mum decided to do this as obviously I have a disability and we thought that it might make things a bit easier.

A member of staff asked me my name in order for Louise to sign my book, wrote it on a piece of paper and slotted it in the book so she knew exactly what to write, this made the process of signing a lot quicker and easier.

We waited for a few minutes, me and my Mum chatted to a couple of people in front of us and it was soon my turn to meet Louise and have my book signed.

I gave my phone to a member of the Waterstones team as we weren’t able to get selfies.

I then walked up to Louise and she started a conversation with me straight away. She asked how I was, she complimented my trousers and said she really liked them and I congratulated her on the release of Wilde About the Girl.

A photo of Louise signing Holly's copy of 'Wilde About The Girl'

Whilst she was signing my book, I plucked up the courage to thank her for inspiring me to start my own blog and YouTube channel as she is one of the YouTubers that inspired me to start my blog in the first place, and especially my YouTube channel as I was very nervous about starting that one and put it off for a while, I’m so glad that I told her because she gave me the most encouraging advice.

She asked what I blog and create videos about, I explained that I’m a disability and lifestyle blogger and how I only recently started my YouTube channel but I’m hoping that it will be a reflection of my blog. She said that that was amazing, told me to keep at it and to keep creating informative content as it will help a lot of people, and also admitted that she didn’t know much about visual impairment herself, I love how honest she really is. She then asked me what my YouTube channel was called and wrote it down on the piece of paper which was in my book with my name on, I can honestly tell you that I wasn’t expecting that at all. I have no idea if she’ll check it out but I’m extremely grateful that she was genuinely interested.

One thing that I did notice was how she described everything that she was doing, such as ‘I’m going to sign your book’ and ‘I’m going to write your YouTube channel down on the piece of paper’ which was really nice of her to do, it made me feel like she wanted to make things as inclusive as possible for me.

She then asked if I wanted to get a photo and the member of staff from Waterstones took some for us.

She handed me my copy of ‘Wilde About The Girl’, I then thanked her and that was it, I HAD JUST MET LOUISE PENTLAND!

A photo of Holly and Louise

I was on cloud nine, I was genuinely happy and couldn’t quite believe what had just happened.

I have supported Louise for years, pretty much from the beginning of her blogging and YouTube journey, I’ve watched her grow and become an author, so it was such a surreal feeling to finally meet her after so long.

Me and my Mum left the event and made our way back to the station, I was honestly so so happy and had a huge smile on my face.

Whilst at the station, we got talking to one of the girls that was at the event, she was lovely so I’m hoping that we can stay in touch. If we can, that’s all thanks to Louise.

We arrived home and I still didn’t stop talking about the event.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and it’s really a dream come true for me.

Louise is an absolute star.

If you haven’t read her books ‘Wilde Like Me’ and ‘Wilde About The Girl’ then I would suggest that you go and do so as they’re amazing, they are available in all formats as well, you can find more info here. I would also recommend checking out Louise’s YouTube channel, if you like weekly vlogs and content on parenting and lifestyle then she’s the gal that you should be watching. Her weekly vlogs are most definitely the highlight of my Sunday, do I need to say more?

I have also done a video all about meeting Louise so make sure you check that out and it would mean a lot to me if you subscribed to my Youtube channel if you aren’t already.

I would just like to thank my Mum for going to the event with me, I am beyond grateful, thank you to Bonnier Zaffre for choosing us as the competition winners, to Waterstones for putting on a fab event and last but not least to Louise for being such a lovely person, for the advice about YouTube, for creating such brilliant videos and writing some amazing books and thank you for an evening of memories that I will cherish for years to come, I could go on!

I would absolutely love Louise to read this post, if any of you would share it with her on Twitter, @LouisePentland then it would mean the world to me.


Have you read Wilde Like Me or Wilde About the Girl, what did you think of the books? Or have you met your favourite YouTuber/Author? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Holly x


  1. August 17, 2018 / 6:11 pm

    Excellent. Glad you had a great day and met Louise. I really like her too. Well done on the competition win. Lets hope you win more

      August 17, 2018 / 6:12 pm

      Thank you so much

  2. August 17, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    Hey Holly! This sounds like an absolutely wonderful experience and I’m so happy for you that you got the chance to meet her! It’s incredible that you and your mum won the competition but I think it was meant to be!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Nati x |

      August 17, 2018 / 11:27 pm

      Thank you so much lovely, that really means a lot! X

  3. August 18, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    Such a lovely post to read, I’m so glad that you got to meet Louise, lets hope you get plenty more chances in the future aswell! Great post as always lovely xxx

      August 18, 2018 / 10:10 pm

      Thank you so much lovely! Xxx

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