Calum Scott at Hull City Hall

Today’s post is another concert post for you all, me and my Mum went to see Calum Scott on 18th April at Hull City Hall.

We have both been a fan of Calum ever since he was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 so as soon as he announced that he was doing a tour then I knew that my Mum would want to go, she’s a huge fan of Calum! I thought that this would be a nice post for us both to look back on in the future.

Booking tickets

I enquired about disabled access tickets before they went on sale, I like to do this so I know how to get them beforehand to avoid disappointment.

I looked on the Hull City Hall website for access information but there wasn’t that much information available, so I decided to contact them. I sent them an email explaining my visual impairment and asked how I could get a free personal assistant ticket like it said on the website.

They soon replied asking if I could go to the box office to fill out a form and give proof of disability, however I don’t live that close to Hull so was unable to go to the box office to do this. I emailed the city hall to tell them this, and we agreed that they would send me the form via post which they did. I would have much preferred it to be electronic but nevertheless, they sent it promptly and I filled it out and sent it back straight away.

This meant that I was able to call when the tickets had gone on sale and purchase them for us.

The morning arrived and I called straight away so that we got some good seats and make sure that we had a good view, the lady that I spoke to was very helpful and said that she would choose us some good seats which I thought was very nice of her. I explained that it was a surprise for Christmas for my Mum so it would mean a lot if she could do that.

I paid for the tickets and they soon arrived which was brilliant.

Christmas Day arrived and I gave my Mum the tickets, she was over the moon! Now it was just a matter of time waiting for the day of the concert to arrive.

The gig

18th April arrived in the blink of an eye and we were soon on our way to Hull, it is only about an hour away for us to get there so it isn’t too much of a long journey.

Once we arrived in Hull we went to Pizza Express for something to eat before heading to the venue. We had a lovely meal, I haven’t been to Pizza Express in years but I’ll definitely be going back again soon.

Once we had our meal, we headed to Hull City Hall. The queue was extremely long, so I suggested that we should ask a member of staff whether disabled people had priority entry as this is often the case at a lot of venues. My Mum found a member of staff and we asked her, the lady was helpful and informed us that we did in fact have priority entry so didn’t have to queue and told us where to go.

We made our way to the disabled access entrance where we were met by another member of staff, he didn’t realise that I had a visual impairment at first until we explained but once we told him that I was blind, he soon understood. He then checked our tickets and gave us a wristband each. We were also told that we could go to the general standing area rather than our original seats on the balcony if we wanted to as it wasn’t sold out. I thought that it was really nice of them to give us this option if we wanted to, as we wouldn’t have known otherwise. We asked the member of staff which they thought would be the best option and they said that we wouldn’t have an obstructed view from our seats so we stuck with those.

The member of staff took us up in the lift to the balcony area where our seats were located, and then another member of staff assisted us to our seats. I thought that this was really good as this doesn’t often happen, unless you request assistance anyway. The staff were very friendly and happy to help. We got seated and my Mum had a really good view of the stage which I was really pleased about, even though we were on the balcony it was great that it was such a good view.

Calum had two support acts, first up was his sister, Jade. I really liked Jade’s voice, it was really powerful, she was really talented! She kept mentioning her brother Calum and thanking him for the opportunity which I thought was sweet of her, she was very thankful.

We had to wait quite a while until the second support act came on which was Daniel Doherty. Daniel was amazing at playing the guitar, he had some serious skills! His set really got the crowd going and ready for when Calum came on stage.

Around 15 minutes later, Calum finally came on stage! He did come on late compared to the many concerts that I’ve been to, he came on at about 9:25 but he still performed for over an hour which was really good.

Calum performed a range of songs from his album “Only Human” which is one of my favourite albums of the year so far. He also performed a cover of “Not Dark Yet” by Bob Dylan which was beautiful.


Here is a video of him singing ‘Rhythm Inside’:


Here is a video of him singing ‘You Are The Reason:

The most emotional part of the gig was when Calum sang a song called “No Matter What” which is about how he was scared to come out to his parents because his friends had abandoned him because of his sexuality, and much to his surprise they accepted it and told him that they would love him no matter what. The lyrics really hit you and stay with you for a long time, I suggest that you go and listen to that song because it is really powerful. That point of the gig made me cry as it was so heartfelt and very emotional. No Matter What is a song that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to for one reason or another, I know that I can in terms of having a disability and how it’s had an impact on mine and my families lives. It’s a song that really resonates with you and makes you reflect on your life and experiences, that’s what I thought anyway.

Calum Scott on stage

His stage presence and vocals were something else, with only a small band and lighting on stage, he really knew how to captivate the crowd.

Around 45 minutes into the set, Calum announced that this was his final song. When he had finished, the crowd went wild, chanting his name to try and get him to come back on stage which he obviously did. He performed a few more songs and ended the night with his first ever single ‘Dancing on My Own’, the song that really kick-started his career. I really like how he ended the show with this song, it was the one that everyone definitely wanted him to perform and the crowd singing it back to him really was a great way to end the show and such a special moment.

Calum is from Hull so seeing him perform in his hometown was a brilliant experience, nothing beats a hometown gig! You could tell that it meant a lot to him as he kept saying how grateful he was for the opportunity and how thankful he was for his fans as they are the ones that have got him to where he is today.

We got out of the venue no problem and made our way home.

Overall, me and my Mum had a fantastic night and we definitely want to see Calum on his next tour! I’m so glad that my Mum enjoyed it, as she truly deserves it.

The accessibility of Hull City Hall was great and I would go back there in the future and would recommend it to anyone.

That concludes today’s post, I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Holly x


  1. May 6, 2018 / 8:19 pm

    I’m so glad you and your mum had a good time, you both definitely deserved it! Calum seems like such a genuine artist, I love his voice!xxx

      May 7, 2018 / 8:25 am

      Thank you lovely! Xxx

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