Seeing Through Sight Loss Introduction

I wanted to tell you all about a collaboration series that I will be started with my good friend My Blurred World. Just a quick note: please go and check out her blog because it’s amazing! We have collaborated on two posts before so thought it would be a great idea to start a series. We also asked you on social media and our last collaboration if you would like us to start a series and many of you said yes, thank you to those of you that responded. Thanks to blogging, me and this incredible girl know each other and we’ve become really good friends ever since we started talking back in 2015. That’s one of the reasons why we also thought starting a series would be a great idea.


Our series will be called ‘seeing through sight loss’ and we’ll post once a month. We will be discussing how we cope with sight loss, sharing useful tips and strategies and writing a range of posts on topics such as beauty, fashion, mobility, technology etc. We are both very passionate about raising awareness of visual impairment/disability and helping others coping with sight loss. We also thought it would give people the opportunity to gain an insight to how sight loss affects and shapes our lives as two visually impaired young women.

We wanted to write this introductory post informing you of our upcoming series and to ask you as our readers for any post suggestions that you may have. If you do have any ideas on topics that you’d like us to cover then you can comment below or contact us, ways to contact both of us are listed below.

For easy access, you can press the ‘seeing through sight loss’ link at the top of both of our blogs and it will take you straight to all the posts within this series.

I am so excited to start this series and we hope you enjoy it!


Ways to contact us:

You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing me:

Equally, you can contact My Blurred World on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing her:

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Holly x


  1. Juliet Tuke
    August 1, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    Love this Blogger to bits 💜❤️

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