The Best Things About Being Blind

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all well! I try to make my blog posts as positive as possible. I know it’s hard to be positive all the time and having a disability is hard but I thought I’d stick with the positivity! Here is a post on the best things about being blind. Personally I hate it sometimes, and I wish I was able to see things in this world but if you think about it, being blind can have its perks.


Learning braille

I know not everyone that is blind learns braille, we all have different vision. I know braille can be a pain sometimes but it is pretty cool! It’s like a new language so that’s quite fun.


Cool technology

Being blind gives you the chance to have amazing apps, equipment and software that helps you on a daily basis. Some of my sighted friends want the KNFB reader app and my ClearReader!


Great hearing

For some blind people like myself, we have pretty impressive hearing. Sometimes I hear things that my family and friends don’t hear and it’s great!


Doing things with people

As annoying as it can be sometimes to get support from others or ask them for help, this can also be a great way of building relationships with others. It is also a great way to socialise with people.


Half price travel or sometimes a free bus pass – so you can go for days out or on a road trip!


No council tax – this is great if you’re living independently.


Half price TV licence – we only can use the TV for sound so this is a great benefit to being blind.


No VAT on certain items – it makes things a lot cheaper!


discounts on days out – again, this can be cheaper.


Being able to park anywhere with a blue badge

If you’re with someone else in a car and you have a blue badge you have more freedom in parking, you can also park in certain car parks for free. It is great when you just need to pop into a shop quickly!



I think being blind makes you motivated to succeed and achieve. Personally, I try not to let my disability be a barrier and feel more motivated to do so. I am also motivated to be more independent; sighted people can just go to the shops or wherever, for us blind people we have to learn a route.


Planning ahead

As annoying as it can be, planning ahead can make you so much more organised.


Being called an inspiration and helping others

It really does make me smile when I am called “inspirational”, it makes me feel like I have achieved something.

I love helping others, especially other blind and partially sighted people. If I can help them with something that they are struggling with then that can be really rewarding.


So the next time your visual impairment is getting you down just think of the positives! Trust me, there’s positives, you just have to think of them.

I’d really like to do a Q and A so if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments! Also, if you have any suggestions for any future blog posts please feel free to let me know.


Hol x



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