Review: What Every Blind Person Needs You To Know

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Today’s blog post is a bit of a different post for me, it’s a review. I was asked to review the book What Every Blind Person Needs You To Know by the Author Leanne Hunt. I was very privileged that Leanne asked me to review her book so I’m hoping I do it justice!

The book titled ‘What Every Blind Person Needs You to Know: A Handbook for Families, Friends and Colleagues of the Visually Impaired’ discusses a number of situations on how to educate sighted people on visual impairment, but it also tries to give strategies on how blind and visually impaired people can become more independent. The book is a guide on how to assist a blind or visually impaired person to become more independent. The book digs deep and discusses the emotional, psychological and physical challenges that blind and visually impaired and those with disabilities face. Leanne puts her own personal spin on this book and I like that. It’s not only educational, but it touches you at a personal level as well.

Leanne starts off the book by discussing historical and religious ideas surrounding blindness/visual impairment, moving on to modern beliefs. The book also discusses areas surrounding difficulty because of blindness, reasons for resistance, tips on encouraging independence, signs of progress and a lot more. The book goes on to talk about setting goals and targets. Leanne discusses the many struggles that she faced growing up blind herself and how she overcame these. I know myself that every blind person is different but what I like about the way Leanne presents her own personal story is she uses it as examples, not telling the reader the wrong or right way to treat a blind or visually impaired person. It’s simply there for a guide. She ends the sections with a list of questions for people to consider when working with, or caring for a blind person. These questions really do make you think and I would definitely stop and think about your answers before reading on.

Personally I think this book will help disabled people accept their disability, challenge non-disabled people’s preconceived ideas surrounding blindness/visual impairment, tackle the labels and stigmas surrounding blindness/visual impairment and most importantly, educate non-disabled people on such topics.

When being asked to review this book I did have my reservations due to the title “what every blind person needs you to know” because everyone is different and no one is the same, whether blind or fully sighted, but I think people will find it very informative and those that are blind will be able to relate to Leanne’s story, I know I did.

I think it’s important to highlight that no book can completely tell you how to bring up your disabled child or how to work with a disabled person as everyone is different, but it can give you tips and pointers which is exactly what this book does. When working or caring for a disabled person it is always best to ask them any questions that you may have rather than just assuming. The best way of finding out about a person’s disability is to ask them, and also use your common sense. That may sound harsh but obvious, but often when interacting with a disabled person for example, people panic and their common sense goes out of the window. If you really do want to fully understand visual impairment, then use this book as a guide and do not assume that every blind person is the same.

This book acts as a guide to answer any questions that people may have and it bridges the gap between people’s perceived ideas on visual impairment and the truth.

I really enjoyed reading and reviewing this book. As a blind person myself, it was really interesting to not only read Leanne’s personal story about growing up with a visual impairment, but to also learn the strategies, ideas and tips that she wrote about to educate, inspire and help other visually impaired people to be fully independent and also to educate non-disabled people.

If anyone would like to read this book in order to have a greater understanding on visual impairment, then this book is definitely worth a read! I would highly recommend reading this book, it’s very interesting and informative.

If you would like to read this book, then you can find more info about it here.

As I said, this post is a bit of a different one to what I usually write but I really did enjoy reviewing this book and I hope you enjoyed reading my review as well!

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Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by the author. All opinions are my own.


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    This sounds like an amazing book. Great review girl xxx

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