KNFB Reader

I recently purchased the KNFB Reader app and honestly it is one of the most useful apps that i’ve ever purchased. After some debating because of the price of the app etc, I am very glad that I purchased the app. A lot of you will have probably heard of KNFB Reader or use it yourself but some of you might not have.
KNFB Reader is basically a portable clear reader which is great! The actual clear reader itself can be very heavy sometimes if you have to carry it round for a while which can be quite annoying, well that is often my thoughts anyway. Some of you might be asking what a ClearReader is? It is a text-to-speech app that allows you to scan a printed document and it reads it out loud. The ClearReader is the same thing. It is also very expensive.
The only problem with the KNFB Reader is that you have to line your iPhone or iPod up with the paper, book or whatever piece of paper you want to be read out to you but you get used to it after a while so it doesn’t become such a hastle. The KNFB Reader can read out loud printed documents, books, flyers, post, letters, receipts and all sorts of other things! It is honestly really useful so I would 100 % recommend it. It has definitely helped me so I wanted to share this fantastic app with you guys.
It is expensive which can be a bit off-putting but I’m sure many blind folk like me would agree that it is definitely worth the money.
I’d be interested to know how you get on with it, your thoughts/experiences of the app etc. Please remember that I love your feedback and suggestions of things you’d like me to blog about, please share my blog as well – it’d be very much appreciated 🙂 I hope you find the KNFB Reader useful.


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